Connecting the newly evangelized to a Church community, networking and training mature Christians to disciple new believers.

Our discipleship training explores what it means to be a follower of Christ in a relativistic world, to live a life impacted by the truth of the gospel, as well as why pray, engage in fellowship and worship as a Church, and much more!

We do this in two ways: Education and Mentoring


Providing educative content for the purpose of seeing growth in understanding God’s truth and love for us. 

We provide biblically sound, intellectually rich digital content produced by our team on pertinent topics for personal growth such as prayer, worship, and spiritual disciplines.


Enriching discipleship for the new believer through meaningful, ongoing relationships that fosters spiritual maturity in Christ.

Identifying and training devout Christians in the community, parachurch ministries, and local churches who have a heart to mentor and disciple new Christians. New Christians who desire fellowship and accountability will be put in touch with these regional mentors who can disciple them through personal interaction, encouragement, and accountability.

Our goal in discipleship is personal growth through personal interaction, encouragement, and accountability. Our hope is for mentees to grow and mature into committed Christians who might one day pour into others in a similar way.


Our discipleship initiative also seeks to encourage and equip Christians to be effective witnesses in their work places by:

  • using their spheres of influence to shape culture
  • embodying the Gospel in culture
  • not just responding to ungodly aspects of culture but driving the cultural conversation
  • presenting the Gospel story as not just good news for the individual sinner but for the society at large


 Intimacy with God
Understanding of Scripture
Personal Sanctification
Integration into the Body of Christ


Want to become a better disciple maker?

We offer discipleship training events for Churches. We train members of the congregation to be disciple-makers.

Learn more about how to become better equipped as a Church to fulfill the Great Commission – going, and making disciples.