Engaging and influencing culture with the truth and the beauty of the gospel.

About Engage

Engage and persuade skeptics with the truth and the beauty of the Gospel and equip Christians to winsomely commend, defend and contend for the Christian Faith in the public square.

Evangelistic events

Reaching the individual by articulating the truth and beauty of the Gospel.

Enriching Discipleship

Connecting the newly evangelized to a Church.

Equipping the Church

Strengthening the Church by training Christians in apologetics.

Apologetics Speaking Event at Church with Jon Topping

Why Engage?

Why Engage?

We are a team of evangelist apologists, honoring the call of Christ, united with the Church, for His glory, by the power of the gospel.


Check out our biblically sound, intellectually rich digital content produced by our team on pertinent topics for personal growth such as prayer, worship, and spiritual disciplines.

Engage International seeks to reach people with the truth and the beauty of the Gospel by commending and defending the Gospel in the public square, connecting with individuals in personal discipleship, and equipping the church to influence culture.

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