Is there a conflict between belief in God and science? Has science rendered belief in God implausible? The prevailing idea that science has indeed made belief in God untenable is largely due to the immense cultural authority attributed to science today. When figures like Richard Dawkins assert that science has demonstrated the nonexistence or highly improbable existence of God, many accept this perspective without much contemplation. Another prevailing notion in contemporary culture is that science alone provides knowledge. Phrases like “follow the science” or “science tells us” underscore the perceived authority of science in culture today. Science is often regarded as the ultimate or sole source of knowledge. However, is it accurate to believe that science exclusively grants us knowledge? Furthermore, an idea deeply ingrained in contemporary culture is that, unlike religion, science is free from assumptions, grounded solely in hard evidence and facts. Religion, by contrast, is often characterized as irrational, dogmatic, faith-based, superstitious, subjective, and even anti-scientific. Some argue that religion hinders the progress of science. Does the belief in God impede scientific progress? Are science and faith fundamentally at odds or incompatible?