Reaching the individual with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelistic events by articulating its truth and beauty in a thoughtful, persuasive and winsome manner.

At the intersection of faith and reason, we seek to address cultural issues and challenge prevailing philosophies from a biblical standpoint.

We accomplish this through Pre-evangelistic and Evangelistic Events.

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Pre-Evangelistic Events

In settings that do not allow an explicit Christian message, we address a wide range of moral, ethical and existential issues on meaning, purpose, and identity from a biblical perspective. These kinds of events often provoke questions that allow us to engage in further conversations and provide the opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ.

Common Topics:

Why Suffering?

Are There Moral Absolutes?

Meaning In A Meaningless World

Truth In A Postmodern World

Life Worth Living

The Nature Of Good And Evil

Common Venues:


Corporate office

Political Venues

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Evangelistic Events

In secular settings such as universities and corporates, we give evangelistic talks undergirded by apologetics, making a clear case for the Christian faith by articulating a rational, persuasive, and winsome case for the Gospel. 

Common Topics:

Why Suffering?

The Unchanging God In An Ever-changing World

The Supremacy Of Christ In A Postmodern World

Has Science Buried God?

Did Jesus Truly Rise From The Dead?

Is There Any Good Evidence for God?

The Reliability Of The New Testament

Why Would God Create Hell?

The Quran And The Bible: Differences And Evidence

Virtue, Sex, Rules

Does God Exist?

How The Christian Story Fulfills Our Deepest Longings?

Common Venues:


Corporate office

Public forums

Church/Religious Venues

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We all wrestle with common questions regarding meaning, morality, and identity. We seek to respond to such fundamental questions from a biblical perspective.